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  • Orange22 has been passionate about Virtual World advertising since 2007 when we opened our Marketing SIM in a virtual world. The platform itself never really expanded (yet) but it did become an amazing content proving ground, and inside of that Orange22 teams invented some pretty useful marketing tools and expanded our VR spokes.


  • Some of our projects include:

    • Christopher Copola’s PahFest 2012 (promotion /SIM hosting)

    • Global Panel on Machinima (SIM hosting, promotion & Moderator)

    • Intel - Inclusion in Intel's first Global gathering on VR.   Attended as Media Experts and Power VR Users.

    • MetaMix TV (Marketing Advisement, Group Sales Guidance)

    • Tunie Launch - Virtual World music tool for SIM owners

    • Unlabeled Omen:  Logo and tagline marketing via VR tools

Virtual reality and IOT have the potential to establish an entire new platform for advertising.  The idea of complete user immersion into a system as well as the massive proliferation of devices connected to the Internet, allows for ads to become a part of everyday life.

User Acquisition for your VR/IOT Startup
Drive Sales/Leads for VR /IOT offerings
Drive Traffic to your VR/IOT Content
Convert your RealWorld content to VR
Build an immersive Experience
Insightful Blog about VR /IOT advertising
In-World Marketing/Creativity Tools

TOUR the Orange22 SIM via YouTube - Featuring our Brainstorm Machine

Projects, Tools & Musings


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